Dreaming in Color

Last night, a group of us gathered in a small VFW Hall in Ione, California.  It’s been sitting there on that street for many years and has seen all types of get-togethers.  Those who came last night came because they want to change their life’s circumstances – either with regard to financial freedom or time freedom.  Or both. 

As I made the trip to this quaint little town, winding through some of the most beautiful country on God’s green earth, my heart ached to see such glorious countryside – rolling green hills and pastures, horses grazing.  I felt as if I was driving through a painting.  And where was I going?  Most of those who travelled the road were on their way home from work, many from a job they go to day after day because they have to.  Some were probably traveling to visit friends or family.  But none of them knew about the gathering, the movement happening in the small white building on South Amador street.   Those who were there last night share a vision, we share our dreams and we share our hearts with one another.  We have found a way to create our own life paintings.  We are learning to get out the paints and the brushes, take our canvasses out and splash on the color, be bold and smile and dream big – take off the lid of the jars we were crammed into so long ago.

We have found hope.  We have found a way to live the lives we were born to live.  We are all part of a company that’s in the public eye, but it’s a movement like I said.  Most don’t know what’s going on.  They will be the ones who miss out.  If you seek for more, you will find it.  Your dream life is out there.  This company will give you a blank canvass, all the tubes of paint and brushes you’ll need.  What’s the catch?  WORK.  Hard work.  And you must have desire.  But if you have those, you can come here and create a masterpiece.  If you’re curious, visit: www.thenuplan.com then contact me directly.


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