60 Days to Firmer Skin

What causes our skin to sag and droop as we grow older?  There are many factors that cause aging.  Our skin is made up of both collagen and elastin.  Collagen fibers act as our skin’s structural mechanism.  They don’t stretch.  It is the elastin fibers that give our skin its “snap-back” quality.  Think of a rubber band that is new vs. one that has been stretched out.  That’s what happens to us as we age.  When we’re young, we have plenty of this “retraction” factor, but as age creeps up on us, the levels begin to decrease.

Watch children move their faces; they have no “motion wrinkles” due to scrunching their forehead or making faces.  Wrinkles aren’t caused by “creasing” our skin.  They are caused by the decline and loss of elastin. 

Leading skin physiology physician, Dr. Peter Pugliese, M.D., calls these “Youth Protein fibers.  In our 20s we have high levels (approximately 14-18 percent) of elastin.  However, after about age 40, those levels can plummet to around 1% with 9% being the average.  Our bodies just stop producing elastin and our skin begins to sag and wrinkle.  

So, what does one do when this dreadful thing happens?  You can look in the mirror and sigh; you can have a face lift and go under the knife; you can have an injection of botulism or perhaps Restylane (both come with various risks & side effects), or you can go to the source and rebuild those elastin fibers in your skin with the application of a patented product that is scientifically proven to work.  Dr. Pugliese says:  This is the only product in the world that can restore your elastin level to that of 20-year-old skin. 

Developed by biochemist, Dr. Chantal Burnison, this is a breakthrough ingredient that is scientifically designed and proven to combat chronological aging.  By increasing the skin’s ability to produce elastin fibers, it has the ability to regain that snap back and youthful appearance.  Designed to mimic the process that naturally occurs in young skin, when applied, it allows this production of elastin to continue.

This patented molecule has been proven with over 19 years of research and over $20 million in testing and development.  Clinical studies were conducted by Richard A. Strick, M.D., Professor of Dermatology at UCLA School of Medicine.  Results show that individuals between 40-72 years of age, who used this product for 8 weeks, twice daily, saw a100% improvement in the elastin content of their skin.  The results were identical in both males and females.  One very unique study done with a 77-year-old grandfather and his 21-year-old grandson indicated that after eight weeks of use, their elastin levels were identical.   

The science is proven; the product is guaranteed.  But, it’s your face that will tell the real story.  When you see your skin “plump up” before your eyes; when you notice that your skin isn’t sagging quite as much as it once was, and the texture and appearance are definitely improving, then, you will believe it.

If you’re over the age of 25, applying this product twice daily will help maintain – or regain – a more youthful appearance.  I can tell you that at 55 years of age, my skin has taken on a far more youthful appearance.  When applied, this luxurious product feels like velvet and when I look in the mirror, instead of sighing, I smile.



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