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Still half asleep this morning, I heard the question that’s inevitable while attending networking events, “So, what do you do?”  The first words that formed in my mind were, “I work with anti-aging technology,” but once again, it felt unnatural.  But why did it feel that way?  I do work with anti-aging technology – and it is truly amazing.  But, that isn’t the reason I am doing it.  Here’s my story.

I am a writer and have known this since I was ten years old.  But it’s more than that now.  I am a writer on a mission.  What’s that mean?  I am looking for people just like me, ones who have big dreams and big plans for their lives.  Dreams that are so vivid that that they can wake up and smell them – like I did today.  I awoke and the faintest smell tickled my nose; it was a plumeria blossom, and instead of dreading getting out from under the soft covers in the dim morning light, I smiled.  I smiled because I could feel the beach waiting just outside; I could feel the soft air on my face as I walked out onto the lanai in my nightshirt, hear the pale blue zebra doves.  I could feel the whole thing.  And I know that surely there must be others who have their strong visions, their dreams, their “plumeria moments.”

So, what do I do?  I help people write their dream lives – and then I offer them a way to make those become reality.  How?  Two simple words:  Network Marketing.  Do the very words give you a bad taste in your mouth?  They should.

The history of “MLMs” is a long and winding road.  But, if you have big dreams and you refuse to give up on them, then you need to reconsider.  In this economy today, there is pain and loss and confusion.  Our lives have been turned upside down and we are somewhat disoriented.  The key here is finding the right company.

I’ve been involved with more than one and have learned many hard lessons.  I wasn’t ready either.  I wanted to just find another job, one with a paycheck, one with security, one that was familiar – I wanted someone to hire me so THEY could be responsible for my life.  How sad is that?  I’d given up on me.


Any amount of reading, digging, probing and up close scrutiny will show you why this company is worthy of your dreams.  And it’s not me saying so – it’s the top dogs in the business world.  Folks like Fobes magazine, Motley Fool stock advisors, the New York Stock Exchange.  How about Lee Iacocca?  Do you think he might know a thing or two?  In his book, “Where Have All The Leaders Gone,” Mr. Iacocca says,

“In 2002 I was approached by Blake Roney, the chairman and founder of NuSkin, and Truman Hunt, the president.  They told me about a new foundation they were starting called Nourish the Children.  They knew from the work my foundation had done on finding a cure for diabetes that I was interested in nutrition.  And they guessed – correctly – that I would appreciate their brand of common-good capitalism.  As a businessman, I was impressed by the quality of NuSkin’s products and its large worldwide distribution force.  This was a well-run company.  But what really got me hooked was NuSkin’s plan to end world hunger.  I signed on, and have been chairman of Nourish the Children’s advisory board ever since.”

Change is uncomfortable.  Change is difficult.  But without it, we will become extinct.  We were born to accomplish great things.  I am here to write your dream life – and help you to achieve it.



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