Nothing Gold Can Stay

As afternoon grew chilly with a light wind in from the east, I warmed a towel in the dryer for Rocky’s nap and headed for the hot tub. Sometimes, in late afternoon, things show up.

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Rosie’s New Year

Every time I drive up to my house, I expect to see Rosie come running across the neighbor’s lawn, making a beeline to her feeding area. For two years this was how it was. Rosie was “displaced” for lack of a better word from her home. Two tomcats moved in and Rosie was “evicted,” left to fend for herself. “She’ll find a place,” her owner said.

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Thoughts from the hot tub

Everything soft, cushioned by low grey fog. I sit immersed in warm water in our side-yard hot tub, coffee in hand. And listen. High above the clouds Sandhill cranes trill, invisible. The sycamore’s branches stretch up into the soft sky, the fingerling branches delicate slender fingers. Dry leaves caught among the branch tips like paper birds, seed pods dangle awaiting the next finch or jay. Only my above-water shoulders feel the morning’s chilliness as I tune in to the sound of stillness. So much rain the past few days, everything soaked, full to the brim and spilling over, buckets and clay flowerpot saucers standing full of fresh rainwater, only months away from a scorching summer where water will be in short supply. Balancing my cup on my knee beneath the water to keep it warm, I look skyward and hear a small flock of Canada geese honking softly, hidden by clouds. Perfect.

Eating Right isn’t enough anymore

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Are Balloons Like People?

Are balloons like people? We visited our local neighborhood restaurant/ bar last night for an early evening cocktail. Hugging the ceiling were balloons—lots of balloons—Red, Gold and Blue, their ribbons trailing down just far enough to grab one, or more, and take it along. I chose one of each color.

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